We are developing a value-based, sustainable and future-proof "blue" economic system
 based on stable alternative money and innovative flagship projects.

The structures of the BlueEconomy were developed by the innovator and initiator of TREEEC, Tai Kriegeskotte. It is a pragmatic model of the economy into which we need to transform the existing economic system in order to save our environment and our future.

Important components of the BlueEconomy are the BlueCompanies, wich shaping the economy, the BlueRegions, in which business takes place, and the BlueCommunity, which unites all those who want to create a BlueEconomy and benefit from it all the same time.



BlueCompanies are companies that meet the requirements set by TREEEC in terms of regarding value, sustainability and future viability. Such companies are then continuously reviewed and evaluated according to the WNZ Index.

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aerial view of city during daytime


Regions where basic TREEEC structures are in place and BlueVentures reach a certain level of development qualify as BlueRegions. These regions become partner and sponsor regions for development regions in other countries.


TREEEC develops locations within BlueRegions into BlueLocations, where BlueCompanies with innovative technical systems are located. These are mainly companies in which TREEEC has a substantial stake.


In order to participate in the BlueCommunity, membership in the TREEEC cooperative network is a basic requirement. Companies are integrated as business partners, private individuals as supporting members. 

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